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Ismael Otero


Ismael Otero, New Yorican native living in New Jersey, founder and director of the "Caribbean Soul Dancers", is also known as the Million Moves Man. Ismael Otero's dance style is considered out of the ordinary from the traditional New York style. Over the years, Ismael, coming from break dancing and hip hop background, has created a unique style of dance that includes complicated arm work, unusual and funny hand flips, unique turn patterns, exciting foot work and more, combined with flavor and technique.

Ismael has a strong connection with the music and is known for dancing to every note or beat of the music. He has been traveling and teaching since 1996, teaching his unique turn patterns and foot work to thousands of people all over the world.


In addition, Ismael has been performing in numerous salsa congresses and festivals and TV shows all over world such as Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Canada, England, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Israel, Germany and etc.He has won many competitions in various clubs in New York, New Jersey and Miami-one of it was in the famous Latin club "Copa Cabana" in New York City .As well, Ismael came in 2nd place in the Night club style division of the "Dancesport" competition in Madison Square Garden.Ismael won many awards over the years from Latin associations such as "The best male performer" in the New York, New Jersey Salsa awards. He also received 2 awards from the L.A Salsa Congress in 2002 and in 2011,which is the biggest salsa congress in the U.S, for his contributions to salsa.Ismael's humble attitude and welcoming personality is what makes him popular amongst the mambo community today.In May 2009, Ismael danced as a backup dancer at Ismael Miranda, A Salsa legend, 40 years anniversary concert in the United Palace in the Bronx, NYC and had the opportunity and honor to take part in such an important and historical event.

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