Table Reservations - $20 per table (8 people)

We are offering table reservations for the first 10 people to contact us. Once we book the 10 tables, all others will be first come, first serve. Please read all of the details below PRIOR to reserving your table.

Table Reservations Rules & Regulations:

1.) Table reservations are for the night event only. The social begins at 8pm.


2.) Each table seats up to 8 people.


3.) ALL reservations are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded.

4.) Please arrive by 8:45pm at the latest to claim your reservation. All reservations that are not claimed in time will be cancelled and open to the public.

5.) There will be 8 chairs at your table provided for you. Do NOT take chairs from other tables. This will affect other people's reservation. If you need more space for more people, we suggest reserving more than 1 table.


Vendor tables are 6 feet in width and include 2 chairs. You will be limited to yourself plus one (1) helper to run your booth. 


Single Vendor Table

  • 1 VIP Pass to event

  • 2 chairs

  • 1 table

Double Vendor Table

  • 2 VIP Pass to event

  • 4 chairs

  • 2 tables

Terms & Conditions:

  • Please understand that the Liberty Dance Championship, its workers and affiliates are NOT responsible for any lost or stolen articles of merchandise or any property of the vendors.

  • We cannot provide mirrors, clothes rails, lamps, extension cords, phone lines, internet access or any other thing. We simply provide the space, table and chairs. You are responsible for bringing your own equipment.

  • Vendor area will be accessible to all vendors starting Saturday morning from 9am and remain accessible till Sunday 1am. All vendors must breakdown their table and clear it out by 1am. 

  • There are NO cancellations or refunds. All sales are final.

By clicking below and purchasing your table, you are stating that you agree and understand the terms and conditions listed above. You also understand that there are NO cancellations. We will not provide refunds for any cancellations. 

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