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"How to become a Champion" - Saturday, Nov 4th 2023 / 1:00 - 5:00 pm
The Claridge Hotel, Atlantic City NJ

"When you are training next to your competitors, you create a healthy & unique learning
environment where you truly excel and expedite progress" - Anya Katsevman

4 Hours of world-class training & instruction with ALL panelists!
*Winning Strategies, Tools, and Secrets from leading competition experts
*Various genres & themes
*Q & A Session with panelists
*Open to performers & competitors, or any dancer who wants to be a Champion.



In this series we will feature leading competition experts in a variety of dance genres to help you identify steps & develop skills to become a champion.

  • Hustle world champion Danny McGee

  • Salsa on2 world champion and presentation expert Anya Katsevman

  • Salsa on1 & Bachata World Champion Darlin Garcia

  • World Champion and performance extraordinaire Brianna Rios

  • Summit organizer and industry pioneer Nelson Flores


Each panelist will present one a topic that will set you up for success when training and performing your competitive routines.


Topics include...

Nelson Flores // Competition then and now

How has the competition world changed and what do we need to adapt or elevate to succeed today

Brianna Rios // A competition voice for the new generation


What is the most valuable growth competitor can make today to succeed in todays industry


Danie McGee // Hustle timing explained


Musicality and intricacy of hustle timing music and it’s relationship to competitive success


Anya Katsevman // Stress management and performance anxiety


A foundation of physical and emotional tools to help prepare for competition or any big performance



Darlin Garcia // Strategic Studio Training


The inner workings of studio dynamics and how competitors can succeed when being a part of a school/ team.

ZOOM OPTION AVAILABLE for those who cannot attend in person!!

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