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  • 1.) What is a heated division?
    A heated division is defined as a category where all partners or couples dance together on the stage or floor to music that is selected by the organization or deejay. Heats generally last 1.5 minutes and are Just Dance divisions. All Heated Divisions for this competition are Just Dance divisions. Register for competitions on the REGISTRATION page.
  • 2.) What is a showcase division?
    A showcase is defined as a category whereby the partnership or team showcases choreography, and dances to the music of their choice. Showcase divisions mean the competing couple or team will do a solo performance. Register for competitions on the REGISTRATION page.
  • 3.) What is the 3 dance challenge?
    A 3 Dance Challenge is a heated division where the dancers dance Salsa, Bachata and Cha Cha back to back. There will not be a break. The dancers will dance each style of dance and be scored on their overall performance. Register for competitions on the REGISTRATION page.
  • 4.) How can I register myself or my team to compete?
    Please go to the REGISTRATION page to complete your registration. Please note that ALL competitors must purchase a Competitors Pass in order to compete in any division.
  • 5.) Can I come and watch the competitions?
    Yes! Spectators are welcome and encouraged to join and cheer on our competitors. Click on the TICKETS page for information on purchasing your ticket.

All competitors must purchase a competitors pass in order to participate. Click the link below to purchase your pass. Please register for each division you wish to participate in. 

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