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Eli Torres


4 x’s World Salsa Champion

9 x’s US Open Champion 


Based in Philadelphia, PA, of Puerto Rican descent, Eli Torres is one of the top leading male salsa dancers in the world. Eli has 17 years of salsa/dance experience. He has travelled the world coaching, judging, choreographing, performing, and competing. Known for his “single foot skater spins” when he follows, Eli has made spinning into an art form. He is respected for his exceptional leading and following skills; because of this he has been dubbed by many as the Mambo/Salsa “DIVO”. Eli has been contracted all over the globe to coach some of the worlds most prestigious teams and professional dancers that have become world salsa champions, including all of his dance partners. He is the pioneer of the 'Same Gender' category, being the first ever male to compete as a follower professionally. Exceeding the limits and boundaries with his unruliness of the norm, he has managed to pave the way for other dancers globally.

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